About Us
Guangzhou Liuben Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Liuben Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Luopu Development Avenue, Panyu District, Guangzhou. It is a processing and production enterprise integrating design, R&D, production, sales and service. It has a metal product processing plant and an assembly and sales company for many years. Domestic and foreign trading companies, import and export companies produce equipment suitable for the needs of various countries. There is no best, only better.

Strong technical force

Liuben's research and development system with technology research and development as the core has established a test and research center for intelligent products in the machinery industry

Excellent testing equipment

The company specializes in the production of doughnut machine series, marshmallows, popcorn, frying machines and other series of shaped products

Advanced production equipment

Concentrate and focus, and strive to build a benchmark enterprise in the industry, so that people do not have me and others have me superior